2019 Point Fighter Live Sport Karate Power Award Winners will be Awarded at the 2021 Battle of Atlanta this Summer

The Point Fighter Live 2019 Power Awards will finally get handed out as promised at the 1st NASKA World Tour in-Person Event on June 17-19, 2021 at the Battle of Atlanta! Don Doris from Doris Brothers has generously agreed to sponsor the awards.

The winners attending the event will be awarded at sometime during the event. The Exact time and date has not yet been decided but will be posted as early as this week!

Thousands of Fans Voted in the Point Fighter /Sport Karate Facebook Group and these were the winners!

2019 Power Award Winners

1. Top International Adult Competitor:  Enrique Letona and Elijah Everill

2. Top BB Boys Junior Weapons: PJ Clark

3. Top 50+ BB Competitors: Terry Creamer and George Galarregui *

4.  Top Judges of 2019: Jeromy Roque, Terry Creamer, Chris Hovey and Joey Perry

5.  Top Women Forms BB Competitors : Jewelianna Ortiz   

6.  Top Junior Boys BB Fighter : Jason Letona and  and Tyson Wray

7. Top 2 person Forms/Weapons Teams: Diego and Connor Team infinity

8.Top Senior BB Fighters of 2019: Yoskar Gamez and Dee Everett 

9. Top Under belt of 2019: Gabby Viola

10.  Top Senior Team of 2019: Team Legend

11: Top BB Men Weapons Competitors of 2019: Rashad Eugene and Jackson Rudolph

12: Comeback Player of 2019: Troy Binns

13. Top National Team Coach of 2019: Tony Homsani and Jarret Leiker

14.  Top BB Women Weapons Competitor: Julia Plawker

15. Top Junior BB Boys Forms Competitor: Mason Stowell

16: Top Junior BB Girls Forms Competitor: Haley Glass

17: Most Improved Competitor: Rashad Eugene 

18. Point Fighting Rookie of the Year: Enrique Letona

19:  favorite Regional tournaments: Ozark Mountain Nationals, Destin Open and Music City Smacdown

20. Top Junior Girl Fighter: Jaiden Taub

21: Top BB Women Fighter  : Morgan Plowden

22. Top Men’s Team: Dojo Elite 

23:  Top Junior Fighting Team: Next Level

24: Top BB Men’s Fighter : Kameren Dawson

25: Top BB Girls Junior Weapons Competitor: Kyleigh Boyer

26: Top Women’s Team: KTOC

Awards must be picked up at the event by the winner or a designated person that will be at the event to pick up the award.

For more information on the Battle of Atlanta go to www.thebattleofatlanta.com

Click here for the final polls list

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