NASKA World Tour 2021 In-Person Events Calendar

The NASKA World Tour Kicks off June 18-19, 2021 at the Battle of Atlanta! There will be 8 Events from June-December. All Divisions will remain the same. Prize Money will be changed for this year due to the anticipation that entries will be lower this year. Next year it will go back up. Click here for Prize Money Details

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Battle of Atlanta

Jun 18-19, 2021
6A Rated
Atlanta, Georgia United States
Hosted by Greg Ruth & Toby Ruth

U.S. Open

Jul 1-3, 2021
6A Rated
Orlando, Florida United States
Hosted by Mike McCoy, Mike Sawyer, & Cory Schafer

U.S. Capitol Classics China Open

Aug 5-7, 2021
6A Rated
National Harbor, Maryland United States
Hosted by Dennis Brown & Andrena Brown

AmeriKick Internationals

Aug 19-21, 2021
6A Rated
Atlantic City, New Jersey United States
Hosted by Bob Leiker & Mark Russo

Compete World Martial Arts Championships

Sep 3-5, 2021
6A Rated
Ontario, California United States
Hosted by Mohamad Jahanvash

Diamond Nationals

Oct 7-9, 2021
6A Rated
Minneapolis, Minnesota United States
Hosted by Larry Carnahan & John Worley

Pan American Internationals

Nov 11-13, 2021
5A Rated
Miami, Florida United States
Hosted by Manny Reyes Sr.

Toronto International Tournament of Champions

Dec 3-4, 2021
5A Rated
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Hosted by Michael Palitti

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