Sport Karate Athlete Cards Coming Back!

Point Fighter Live rolled out with Sport Karate Cards back in 2018 and it became an instant hit in the Sport Karate world. The cards were collected by many and were even used for a game by some. Athlete cards will be back in 2022 and will only be available at Point Fighter Approved Events. The cards will feature competitors that will be at the event so that fans can collect and get them autographed.

The 2022 edition will have a new look and competitor stats or accomplishments will be added on the back of each card. will feature Kids, Juniors and Adult Sport Karate Competitors. The Cards will be distributed at Point Fighter Approved Events for free. The purpose of the cards is to highlight our sports athletes and help grow the sport.

Can everyone make it on a card? Yes, Promoters of each event will choose who will be in the “event set” but additional cards can be made for anyone. If you are interested in making your own card as well. Complete card sets will also be available towards the end of 2022. Stay tuned for more information!

Past Sets:

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