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Sport Karate is a wonderful sport done all over the World! Over the years many Sport Karate enthusiast have messaged me about where to train when they are on vacation or sometimes a school owners student is relocating and they are looking for a new school to train at. We want to make it easier for all the top Sport Karate Schools to be found so we are starting the Sport Karate Directory right here on this page.

Interested in becoming a Point Fighter Live Sport Karate Approved School and getting listed? Its easy fill out the form below. The best part about it is that its FREE!

  • Just fill out the form below with:
    • School Name
    • Instructor name
    • Address of the school
    • What you specialize in (example: Point Fighting, Traditional, Extreme, etc)
    • What style of Martial Arts Offered
    • Website and Phone number

The Directory will also be listed on the new Sport Karate Magazine for only $20 which you can pay for under the form. All submissions for the directory must be done by October 31, 2021

Sport Karate School Directory in Sport Karate Magazine


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