Top Sport Karate Free Agents – 2022

2022 is right around the corner and even though there aren’t anymore tournaments in 2021 it’s still an exciting time in Sport Karate. Contracts are not common in Sport Karate (in my opinion pretty much everyone is a free agent even if they are on a team) but most competitors and teams wait til the season is over to make their moves. Head coaches and team owners are always looking to improve their teams so this is a perfect time to acquire a few quality pick up’s because this is when competitors move on from representing the team they are on and become free agents. New teams also emerge at the beginning of the year so this is the time for them to make their moves as well.

Point Fighter Live is here to make it a little easier for athletes and coaches. We made a list of competitors that we know are top free agents. If you are a free agent and want coaches to know your available then add your name here! Fans can also vote for who they believe are the top free agents. Some teams also have under belts as well or have a developmental team like Velocity has VFT and the All Stars have the Young Stars. Feel free to add your name if your an under belt and want to represent a team.

Free Agents

Too Free Agents list. Add yourself and others but please don’t add anyone that you aren’t 100% sure isn’t a free agent. If you seen an error please contact us and we will erase the name that shouldn’t be there.

Note if the other answer is filled, it will be considered as a vote and will ignore the checked answers.

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