Who would you like to see on a Sport Karate Trading Card?

Point Fighter Live Trading Cards are back this year! Printed Trading Cards will be distributed at Point Fighter Approved events all over the World. Digital Cards will also be available as well. Interested in having a Trading Card of yourself or others? There are so many Sport Karate athletes all over the world and we want everyone to be able to have their own Point Fighter Live trading card. This means that not only top Sport Karate Black Belt Super Stars will be featured with a trading card. Everyone, including under-belts, kids, juniors, adults, seniors, men and women have a chance to have their very own trading card made in 3 simple steps. #1 Add a name in the poll below of yourself or any other active Sport Karate Athlete. #2 Vote and Share #3 Send high resolution picture that you would like to be used to the card to us at wkffighters@gmail.com along with some stats (for the back of the card). The top 5 of each category will have printed cards made and distributed at Point Fighter Approved events. Everyone including the top five will have a digital card made available online.

Voting has been moved. Go to our facebook page for the new link

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