Metro All Stars – Historic Sport Karate Team

Metro All Stars dominated Sport Karate in the 1990’s and they did it in style. It’s safe to say that Metro was the biggest and one of the most professional Karate teams to exist in our sports history. The team at one point had close to 150 team members and they were all treated like professionals. This was actually the goal of team owner Hector Santiago Sr. “Everyone was treated as a professional, including our juniors.”
Metro team members were all fully sponsored athletes. Travel, hotels, food, hotel accommodations. The adults on the team also had bonuses. They would win prize money at the events and then were awarded bonuses from the team. Bonuses were given for each division an athlete won and bonuses for whoever won grands and overall grands. Sounds amazing but it didn’t end there. Uniforms, sweatsuits, hoodies, hats, jackets, uniform/gear bags, sneakers were all provided to team members supplied by Lori Bennet from New Tradition. Metro owned multiple vans and cars as well that they used for transportation for regional events. In addition to all that they had a medical trainer that traveled with the team. Ted Pladonmon was in charge of wrapping player’s hands, treat injuries and more. He was the team’s first responder. The team also had fun together. To build chemistry the team would sponsor family trips to the beach and Disney.
It all started with a junior team and then the executive team was formed, it was called the East Coast All Stars. Eventually the team voted for one name because some of the top juniors were moving up to adults and it was just really one team. The team name came to a vote and it was decided that they would stay with Metro All Stars for everyone.

Team coaches were Hector Santiago and Jeff Goldberg. The dynamic dou did a great job of coaching the team. Jeff Goldberg was know for carrying around the UTK Sport Karate Rules book that most Sport Karate Leages would follow. The team traveled and won in every league around the world. Some of the legendary names on the team were: Nasty Anderson, Anthony Price, Mike Chaturantabut, the Bradys, Mafia, Brian Ruth, Manny Reyes Jr, Gerald Dawson, Carmichael Simon, Hector and Jennifer Santiago. That is only to name a few, the list goes on and on. The team earned Hall of Fame status in every curcuit.
The Metro All Star dominated for years. The only competition they had back then was JPM. Growing up as a kid I always wanted to be part of the Metro All Stars, the team inspired me to want to be great at Sport Karate. Metro was a big part of Sport Karate history and probably one of the best if not the best team ever (in my opinion)!

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