Second Issue Announcement – Point Fighter Live’s Sport Karate Magazine

Point Fighter Live launched its 1st issue at the Pan American Internationals back in November of 2021 and it became and instant hit. The new Sport Karate magazine is the only magazine dedicated 100% to the sport and we plan on publishing 3 per year. The first edition featured Bailey Murphy and Maggie Messina on the cover. The magazine was a total of 26 pages and highlighted current and past athletes like the Metro All Stars, Elijah Everill, and Christine Bannon Rodriguez. A total of over 2500 Magazines have been sold and only 500 remain available for purchase ($10 includes shipping)

We are excited to announce that the 2nd issue will be released on March of this year! The 2nd issue will have “more” of everything. There will be more pages, more pictures, more stories and 4 cover stories! Who will be on the cover? Look out for that announcement soon!

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1st Issue – Sport Karate Magazine

Bailey Murphy, Maggie Messina, Fan Favorite Power Award Winners, Metro All Stars and more!


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